Sunday, September 15, 2019

Floating Soccer Field in Koh Panyee, Thailand

Via @BRFootball.

Two Professional Sports in Less Than 24 Hours

Deion's Double Play ESPN 30 for 30

Donuts and the City of Los Angeles

1843 Magazine (The Economist) – "How donuts fuelled the American Dream"

"No one truly knows where donuts come from, who first brought them to California or why they remain so popular here. But you can always find a donut shop in LA, no matter which exit you take off the freeway. Donuts are the soul food of a place that is often accused of lacking a soul. They are the sticky, messy, waist-expanding ying to the yang of Southern California’s sun-kissed beaches and taut-and-tanned infatuation with wellness. They are the fruit of thousands of freeway entrance-ramp deep-fryers, eaten on the run by late-shift junkies and early risers with one hand on the steering wheel. Put your eye to the hole in a donut and you might glimpse the answer to the mystery of how Los Angeles continues to cohere, even as the languages and cultures of Angelinos multiply."

The Origins of Mole

The Atlantic – "The Colonial Origins of Mexico’s National Dish"

Watchmen (TV)

October 20, 2019
Created by Damon Lindelof (Lost)
Based on Watchmen by Alan Moore Dave Gibbons
Starring Regina King

The Recording of Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation in 1989 Minnesota

MSP Magazine – "Why Janet Jackson Recorded Rhythm Nation in Minnesota"

Fans in Control

New Yorker – "Superfans: A Love Story"