Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Next Instagram


New York Times – "Are Disposables the Future of Photo Sharing?"

By Taylor Lorenz

"Dispo, a new photo-sharing app that mimics the experience of using a disposable camera, is taking off. People are clamoring for invites to test the beta version. Early adopters are praising its social features. And investors are betting big on its future.

In the app, users frame photographs through a small rectangular viewfinder. There are no editing tools or captions; when the images “develop” — i.e. show up on your phone at 9 a.m. the next day — you get what you get. Multiple people can take photos on the same roll, as might happen with a real disposable camera at a party."

Protocol – "No editing, no hashtags: Dispo wants you to live in the moment"

25th Anniversary of Pokémon


Polygon – "How Japan’s Lost Decade created Pokémon" 

Podcast Boom


New York Times – "Podcasting Is Booming. Will Hollywood Help or Hurt Its Future?"

"Once seen as a marginal forum for comedy, tech talk and public radio programming, podcasting is one of the hottest corners in media. Yet its formats and business practices are still developing, leading producers, executives and talent to view the medium as akin to television circa 1949: lucrative and uncharted territory with plenty of room for experimentation and flag-planting."

Kids Don't Love Watching Sports


The Atlantic – "America Didn’t Need Sports After All"

By Jemele Hill

"Plenty of evidence suggests that sports broadcasts aren’t resonating as well with Generation Z—Americans born after 1996—as they did with previous generations. According to a recent poll, only 53 percent of Gen Zers identify as sports fans. And more troubling for networks that have invested heavily in live sports, Gen Zers are half as likely as Millennials to watch live sports regularly, and twice as likely to never watch."



SNL – "Mirror Workout"

Kind of related,

Secrets of the Whales


Coming to Disney+ on Earth Day, April 22.

National Geographic – "Epic Four-Part Series Will Be Marquee Event Premiere of National Geographic’s 2021 Earth Day Celebration"