Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kind of Like This

Shwayze - Corona and Lime

Saw this when I was eating honey nut cherrios this morning before leaving for work.

Shwayze is an alternative hip-hop artist out of Malibu, California. Cisco Adler (long hair) also appears in the video and on the song. Wikipedia informs me that these 2 are soon releasing an album and a MTV reality show.

They sort of a remind me of a MTV-friendly version of Mickey Avalon + Dirt Nasty.


r.eamonn.s said...

Honey Nut Cheerios. Breakfast of normal people... who are champions.

All this song made me thing of was Bill Bellamy and LFO.
The only thing that reminded me of Mickey Avalon was the mention of SoCal girls and the dude with long hair.

r.eamonn.s said...

girls are redic hot in the vid.
Coronas with limes and some frozen margaritas, next time we see each other?
Jesus Fucking Christ. After the song ended it went to the next video. Slipknot.