Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I went surfing... and this is what I hit

-English artist Damien Hirst (of formaldehyde shark fame) the  put all naysayers to sleep when his 2-day auction earned him a grand total of $198,000,000!!!!! Take that Wall Street.

-Speaking of some dope art I want one of these A.J. Fosik wooden animals for my crib.

check out more Fosik's wooden animals over at SupertouchArt

-After reading the September issue of Interview magazine I became infatuated with another English artist, James Nares. Check him out here.

-The Interview magazine also had a deep interview with supermodel Kate Moss. Interesting stuff. Even more interesting is the soon to be unveiled 50kg gold statue of Kate Moss next month. Marc Quinn's creation is said to be the largest gold statue made in the world since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Learn more here and check out the picture preview below.

-After surfing the internet for Kate Moss I ran into the world's next biggest supermodel. Check out and learn about hipster Agyness Deyn here.
-Another topic of interest I've been getting all hyped up about at this time of the year are Oscar-worthy movies coming. The first 1 I ran into is the upcoming Broadway adaptation Doubt (December 12th [limited]) starring Philip Seymour Hoffman + Meryl Streep about some Catholic priests. Sounds boring, but worth checking out the trailer. Might catch your fancy.? Maybe. Watch it here.

-and then there is the highly anticipated Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream) helmed project The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke as professional wrestler Randy "The Ram" Robinson. Might not sound so amazing in blog typing, but the hardware attached to this project already is screaming Academy Awards. The Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. The movie of the Toronto film festival. And articles already being featured in Variety + TIME. Learn more over at The World's Best Ever.
-The last exciting news of my night is the BIG news that Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress has FINALLY announced Gus Frerotte the starting quaterback. Long time coming after watching the Vikings solid team lose their first 2 games with shaky quaterback Tarvaris Jackson.

-I leave you with the modern interpretation of the McCain - Palin ticket. 

Billionaire J. Howard Marshall and Playmate Anna Nicole Smith

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