Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 Best Hitters of All-Time

Sports Illustrated journalist and columnist Joe Posnanski subjectively/objectively ranked the 10 Best Major League Baseball hitters of all-time.

10) Mickey Mantle
9) Ty Cobb (Freemason)
8) Jimmie Foxx
7) Albert Pujols
6) Stan Musial
5) Roger Hornsby
4) Lou Gehrig
3) Barry Bonds
2) Ted Williams
1) The Great Bambino

Fascinating read.


r.eamonn.s said...

this list is incomplete without pete rose. I didn't click the link or anything (cause i should be figuring out my classes schedule not looking at this), but it's ridiculous that he isn't on it. He's only the best hitter of all time regardless of his gambling.

Eric said...

Posnanski's ranked Rose #23 all-time, but you're right he did have a disposition against him because of the gambling.

Alexander said...

damn how you gonna put my boy Roberto's picture up and he's not even on the list?!