Tuesday, June 28, 2011

'Art in the Streets' no longer coming to N.Y.?

'Art in the Streets,' "the most attended exhibition in the history of the MOCA" (Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art) is no longer coming to the Brooklyn Museum this fall.

While it was originally reported that the B.M. would no longer bring the exhibit due to moving costs it has since been speculated that the museum is avoiding the controversial exhibit for its "celebration of vandalism."

The below op-ed is a great read

"It is ludicrous to think that an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum would have inspired gangs of graffiti goons marching down Flatbush Ave. You know what inspires tagging? Bad architecture. Commercialism. The sanitized state of the city."

"Say what you will, this art is democratic. It is electric. It is relevant. It's a shame funding has prevented this important show from coming home to New York City. Hopefully, another city institution will step up. MoMA, are you listening?"

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