Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vikings Select HKS Inc.

The Minnesota Vikings selected Dallas architecture firm HKS Inc. to design their new $975 billion stadium scheduled to break ground the summer of 2013 and open in 2016.

HKS Inc., who will be paid $34 million for this job, designed Cowboys Stadium and the Indianapolis Colts' Lucas Oil Stadium. (both have retractable roofs)

HKS Inc.'s winning bid came with these sketches and preliminary schematics; however, they are not the finished designs. The build design won't be decided or revealed until the beginning of 2013. It's yet to be seen if there will be a retractable roof.

StarTribune - "Choice of designer opens window on Vikings stadium"
MinnPost - "Vikes stadium to be designed by architects for Dallas, Indianapolis football homes" - "MSFA, Vikings Jointly Select HKS Sports & Entertainment Group to Design New Stadium"

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