Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jonah Hill's Prank Mixtape

New Yorker - "All Grown Up"

"Really, the character was defined by his prosthetics: blindingly white false teeth intended to dazzle and a large fake penis for handy fondling. The only problem was that the dentures gave Hill a lisp. So he dialled his way out of trouble. Years ago, he got his first film audition, for “I Heart Huckabees,” because Dustin Hoffman was impressed by a CD of prank calls he’d made, and the phone remains his favorite instrument for developing a character. “You have no idea what a stranger is going to say,” he said. “As Donnie, I’d call this Best Buy in Hawaii,” and then talk for hours to shed the lisp and acquire insight. “They stay on the phone the longest—they have amazing customer service.”"

Can someone please find and release this?

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