Monday, May 16, 2016

Mr. Robot Season 2

GQ - "Robert Downey Jr. on Iron Man's "Second-Tier Superhero" Status and One Crazy-Ass Weekend Bender"

Zach Baron: What do you watch on them?

Robert Downey Jr.: Well, last night, I watched the conclusion of The People v. O.J. Simpson. Previous to that, I doubled back and finished up season four of House of Cards. Maybe the best season yet. I am frothing at the thumb controls for the second season of Mr. Robot, which is probably the best thing that's been on TV or theater for five years. I am hopelessly strung out on what used to be the Military History channel—and then they changed channel 287 on DirecTV to the American Heroes channel—because I love military history.

ZB: Do you have a favorite performance by an actress?

RDJ: When Noomi Rapace did Girl with the Dragon Tattoo—what I like are performances that, without reinventing the wheel, they create another color in the spectrum. I could refer to my mom's work in these kind of more experimental associative films that she did with my dad. Pretty much anything that Shirley MacLaine has ever done. She's the person whose gift has least diminished over generations.

ZB: What about actors?

RDJ: Um…Rami Malek. He's the one right now. Everybody else should be studying this guy.

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