Saturday, April 30, 2022

The NFL Draft Hat


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"Sort of like how Pantone's Color of the Year gives us clues about what graphic design and fashion might look like in the following year, the NFL Draft hat gives us a little bit of insight into what people want on their decorated apparel and headwear.

The first clue is that subtlety is not the most important thing in the world. The layered look creates sort of a busy atmosphere for the main panel, but the contrasting colors give your eyes a chance to make heads or tails. (Although, the Browns brown-on-black-on-orange is a little tough to handle.)

The hats also show that multiple decoration areas are definitely "in." In addition to the front-panel graphic, the hats feature an NFL logo in the team's colors on the side panel, as well as a team logo on the back of the hat. So, while your clients might think they just want a logo on the front, it might be that that's the only option they know about.

The front graphics are also decidedly retro, with the front-panel decoration in particular evoking '90s sports fashion. Nostalgia has been a big influence on style trends since, well, forever, but the '90s are especially hot right now.

Finally, the hats showcase what you can do with a brand's color palette. After all, a professional sports team is a brand, too. Using a brand's colors in different ways and allowing them to interact on a hat as they do on signage can turn a small object into a big branding creation."

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