Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We're talking about playoffs?

The NBA regular season ends tonight with the playoff match-ups still in the air. Two nationally televised match-ups of Rockets @ Mavericks 8 p.m. and Nuggets @ TrailBlazers 10:30 p.m. EST will solidify the #2-5 spots in the Western Conference playoffs.

Where will amazing happen this year?

As B. Simmons puts it, "The West playoffs promise to be wackier than Lindsay Lohan. We're probably getting Orlando-Boston and Wade-LeBron in Round 2, Cavs-Celts in the Eastern Conference finals and either LeBron-Kobe or Celts-Lakers II in the Finals."

Playoffs start this Saturday. I haven't seen the ad campaign, but hopefully 40 Games, 40 Nights is back.

On the subject of Simmons his long talked about second book is finally coming out. In October? Why make us wait so long?

Intro by Malcom Gladwell.

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