Wednesday, September 23, 2009

100 Greatest Movies of the 00s

Complex Magazine released their next big 100 list, the 100 Best Movies of the 2000s. While I'm a fan of many of the movies included in the list (it's a much more eclectic list than any other compilation movie critics or databases will put together), I'm not sure I agree with how the top 20-1 plays out.

Funny it turns out, I have seen 59 out of the 100 listed movies. Exactly the same number of albums I've listened to in Complex's list of the Best 100 CD's.

100. Tropic Thunder
99. Slumdog Millionaire
98. Super Troopers
96. Jackass: The Movie
94. Y Tu Mama Tambien
85. Observe and Report
81. Wedding Crashers
78. Team America: World Police
76. The Ring
75. Mean Girls
74. The Royal Tenenbaums
68. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
67. Snatch
65. Pan's Labyrinth
64. Minority Report
62. Friday Night Lights
60. The Wrestler
56. Taken
55. Open Water
54. 25th Hour
53. Elf
52. 300
51. Children of Men
47. 8 Mile
46. Spirited Away
44. Wet Hot American Summer
42. Casino Royale
41. Traffic
40. X2: X-Men United
39. Grandma's Boy
35. There Will Be Blood
34. Blow
33. The Hurt Locker
32. Knocked Up
31. Mystic River
30. Almost Famous
29. Old School
28. Gladiator
25. Sin City
24. Requiem for a Dream
23. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
21. Training Day
18. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
17. Zoolander
16. Ocean's Eleven
15. Star Trek
14. Borat
13. Superbad
12. American Psycho
11. Kill Bill, Vol. 1
10. No Country for Old Men
9. The Departed
8. The Bourne Ultimatum
7. Memento
6. The Dark Knight

Can you guess what movies are in the Top 5? It may not be what you think. Click here to see what movies Complex has listed as the Best 5 of the 2000s.

And click here to go through the list of the Top 100 to read the explanations and to see what movies I've missed out on. I'm listing them in alphabetical order (not in listed order), but these are the movies I'm embarrassed to say I haven't seen yet: 28 Days Later, Bad Santa, The Believer, Best in Show, Cocaine Cowboys, Collateral, Death to Smoochy, District 9, Dogtown and Z-Z-Boys, Donnie Darko, Drag Me to Hell, Eastern Promises, Fahrenheit 9/11, Hustle and Flow, The Incredibles, Mulholland Drive, Munich, Paid in Full, The Pledge, Shaolin Soccer, Shaun of the Dead and Sin Nombre.

I will be seeing them all shortly.


r.eamonn.s said...

you lived with me for how long and never saw 28 days later?????? Danny Boyle = god

ec said...

seriously, anchorman? thats whack. however i have seen 24 of the movies! thats almost 25%, easily im proud of myself