Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Humble 50 Cent

"But you also live below your means? Is that important aspect?"

"I have a great opportunity. I have great examples in front of me. Presented to me without anyone speaking to me. Every morning I wake up in a home where Mike Tyson previously laid in the bed and he earned over $500 million in his career. You know so it makes me conscious."

I know his first album was named, "Get Rich or Die Tryin,'" but I have to give 50 Cent credit. He's avoided the rap cliche of rhyming about money and wealth more so than many of my favorite rappers. And yet somehow his reputation fell hard ever since Kanye and him released albums on the same day (3 years ago to the day on Friday). 50 has been putting out some good music this summer. He might be due for a comeback. Maybe?


Of course the night that I acknowledge 50 Cent for avoiding the rap cliche he releases his next major single with a chorus line, "have a baby by me baby and be a millionaire."

I'm still sort of disappointed that "Ayo Technology" never became the massive hit song I expected. I really thought it was going to go big. Check out the songs below. Doesn't the melody sound the same in all 3?

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