Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just Blaze's move to EDM

From Grantland's Amos Barshad:

"Production on Jay-Z's 2001 album The Blueprint, arguably the man's crowning achievement, was split almost evenly between Kanye West and Just Blaze, both, at the time, hungry, scrappy beatsmiths operating with the full expression of their considerable talents. The years since have been quite different for the two: Kanye's now a polarizing Kardashian-impregnating superstar; Just Blaze's now a grand old man of hip-hop, no longer defining the sound, but punching in for a mind-blowing banger or two seemingly whenever he feels like it. And so unlike his former peer and creative rival, Just Blaaaaaze has never really enjoyed the full burn of the spotlight, and that doesn't seem right (in 2006, he told the Village Voice, "I could rap. I could rap right now if I wanted to. I rap probably better than most rappers ... But do I want that lifestyle? Do I want that hecticness? No. I got bad asthma. I don't want to be running around onstage for an hour ..."). Which is why I have no problem with JB teaming up with the young producer Baauer to wander into the strange big world of EDM, where DJs are superstars. Let's let Just Blaze get all the shine he deserves."

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