Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring Breakers – 2-minute trailer

March 22, 2013.

GQ's Tom Carson on the film:

“To put it mildly, James Franco’s idea of an acting challenge is more gonzo than Daniel Day-Lewis’s. In Spring Breakers, he gleefully stars as a silver-toothed rapper-cum-drug-lord who ends up playing dark-side Svengali to four college gals out to get the most out of their vacation in St. Pete, and the beach babes baring their boobies in scene after scene look as if they were rented by the acre. But Franco is also no dummy, and this thing isn’t the straight-to-DVD cheesefest the action often expertly mimics. It’s the latest from certified indie-flick oddball Harmony Karoine, and believe it or not, it’s one of the smartest American movies you’re likely to see this year…

 …the reason this is his best movie yet is that all the loopy stuff he tosses at us turns out to be under pefect control. Spring Breakers isn’t just a terrific parody mash-up of teen exploitation flicks and cautionary tales about troubled youth, always two sides of the same wooden nickel anyway. This overdue send-up of riot-grrrl empowerment sagas is also wickedly funny – but cryptically heartfelt – sucker-punch riff on white-kid fantasies of thug life as the ultimate in hedonism, American-style.”

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