Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Stars – They're Just Like Us!

Wall Street Journal – "8 Mundane Things That Made ‘Stranger Things’ Possible"

"1. Google Docs

Matt Duffer (far left): The most important part of our writing process is outlining the script. Our desks are more or less next to each other. We put on our headphones and go into Google Docs on our iMacs and work on the story simultaneously, often without speaking. It’s creepy when other people witness it. If Ross writes something I don’t like, I’ll delete it. If he writes it back in, I’ll delete it again. Then we take off the headphones and have a conversation about it. Conversation is a polite word. Now, even when we’re working with our other writers, we force them onto Google Docs and do the same thing. It’s like trying to create a hive-mind."

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