Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom


Medium - "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: An Oral History"

Ke Huy Quan (Actor who played Short "Shorty" Round): “It was very different making movies back then versus making movies today. We shot a lot of the movie in London and they built these amazing sets. It wasn’t blue screen. Everything was built. Everything was fantastical, so for a kid to be a part of that was amazing. It was like a playground. The only thing I didn’t like as a kid was I was required to do a minimum of 3 hours of schoolwork everyday and there was a tutor on set. But every day I was so looking forward to going on the set and seeing how they make the movie. So, it was just fantastic. It was like play time. It was fun all the way.”

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