Monday, February 23, 2009

Did he announce the wrong name?

2009 Oscar nominee Marisa Tomei won an Academy Award back in 1993 for her supporting role in My Cousin Vinny. But, was she actually voted the best actress in a supporting role?

According to the Huffington Post,
 "In the realm of legend, Marisa Tomei's 1993 win for Best Supporting Actress in "My Cousin Vinny" was long rumored to be a mistake, due to presenter Jack Palance calling out the wrong name rather than "real" winner Vanessa Redgrave. The Academy has long insisted that Tomei was the genuine winner." calls this rumor false. Although, it doesn't sound impossible.

Click here to see the list of winners from last nights 81st Academy Awards. Proud to see Sean Penn, Kate Winslet and Heath Ledger win.

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