Thursday, January 27, 2022

Pat Mahomes In-Game Data


From @joepompliano: @PatrickMahomes wears a @whoop while playing & the data from last weekend's game is incredible.

His average heart rate was 144 bpm during the game, but it was higher when the Bills had the ball & it dropped when he went back on the field.

Ice in his veins.

(h/t @bobbystroupe)

WHOOP released data from the entire game.

He burned 2,347 calories & had a strain of 20.4 (0-21 scale), but the most impressive part came in OT.

Mahomes got his heart rate down to 150 BPM right before the game-winning TD pass, and then it shot up to 169 BPM while he celebrated.

Here's his heart rate data for the entire game. - "Patrick Mahomes' Heart Rate and Strain Data from Historic Playoff Win"

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