Sunday, April 22, 2012

Formula 1

Having watched the last ten laps of the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix this morning I'm a new fan of the sport that has drivers whipping "the fastest, most sophisticated race cars on earth" in exotic locales across the world: Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona, Monaco, Singapore, Brazil.

GQ's Daniel Riley profiled the sport in December of last year.

"Will America Ever Catch the Formula One Bug?"

"It's my impression, though, after a weekend at the circuit, that F1 should be less concerned with mimicking the moves of NASCAR than standing as a clear alternative—in particular, for the politically blue sports fan who has long balked at the fuss surrounding NASCAR...In the end, there are allegiances to the teams and drivers, and a reverence of the past that's not unlike our romanticism of, say, baseball. "The history is the attraction," Webber says. "Some of the tracks we've been racing on since the '50s."

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