Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Macrophenomenl Pro Basketball Almanac

"This book will satiate the passionate sports fan's desire to see athleticism legitimized as a cultural element extending beyond mere cro-magnon brawn.

Within the pages of this tome, NBA hoopery collides with Japanese noise-rock, municipal politics, experimental zoology, Belgian surrealism, and behavioral economics like never before. The mystical deities of this hallowed league of professional basketball are finally given the treatment they deserved, as they are scrutinized not as men, but as embodiments of our own core cultural values and insecurities."

Kevin Garnett
Ron Artest

Leandro Barbosa

The book was authored by a cool group of NBA writers and artists who blog under the name FreeDarko.

Read excerpts of the book here.

And if you're feeling it, purchase the book over at (only $13.83!!)

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r.eamonn.s said...

free darko is da wizznutzz fo sho