Thursday, October 9, 2008

Coolest Library

Jay Walker, American entrepreneur and founder of and Walker Digital (networth of approx. $4 billion), has by far the coolest library I've ever read about or seen pictures of.

His library includes the Russian satellite Sputnik (first in space), ruby bound books, 1665 Bills of Mortality detailing Bubonic Plague deaths in London by week, the instruction manual for Saturn V the capsule used to land on the moon for Apollo 11, a framed napkin that Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote his plan to win World War II, an original copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle 1493 the first illustrated history book, 1535 Coverdale Bible the first to be completely translated into English, a chandelier used in the James Bond Die Another Day movie, a planetarium, a 16th century map that is the first to ever feature North and South America in the world, and so many other amazing things that definitely make this the coolest accumulation of eclectic worldly material I've ever heard of.

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Unknown said...

this is probably the sickest and most creative library i have ever seen... i dont know how you found this, but inspires on so many levels... i mean to be completely honest i don't think that i could read in there, i would get distracted by its amazingness.. maybe i am being a little dramatic, but come on, that is like your ideal dream house.. nice find man