Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Disarming Viktor Bout"

Highly suggest this #Longread -

The New Yorker - "Disarming Viktor Bout"
by Nicholas Schmidle (a graduate of American University)

The true tale of Russian-born, multiple language-speaking, illegal arms dealer Viktor Bout's rise to international success and fame, arrest (D.E.A./C.I.A. sting operation in Bangkok, Thailand), and impending sentence (25 to life in solitary confinement).

Another great read by Schmidle, "Getting Bin Laden."

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George Mapp said...

This article is a nice piece of fiction and if you love Fairy Tales then you will enjoy this. If you want to see extensive proof of Schmidle's habitually habit of lying for a byline, then read this: The Half-Truths and Missing Facts of Disarming Viktor Bout: The Chichakli – Schmidle Files on


George Mapp