Saturday, February 11, 2012

John Jeremiah Sullivan - "My Debt to Ireland"

John Jeremiah Sullivan, author of essay compilation Pulphead, has written another piece for the New York Times set for this Sunday's Magazine. This story, in his roots and travels to Ireland.

"Ben and I worked pretty much every night — it was the price we paid for being allowed to have jobs at all on the cheesy, nonenforceable visas we bought from a company in the States. We met up late and walked home, stopping at pubs along the way, putting a little punctuation mark on the night, before it was time to head into the hills. Cork city is surrounded by them. From up high you can see that it’s nestled at the bottom of a green bowl. Our apartment was on one of the highest hills, a mile’s walk up a steepening incline. The muscles in my legs were obscene by the time we moved. I looked like one of those guys in a documentary who climbs cliff faces to go after birds’ eggs."

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