Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Oculus Rift and "The Virtual Reality Content Race"

Robert Kraft Style

Atlanta - "Welcome to the Trap"

Episode 2 - Meet the Migos
Episode 3 - Gucci Mane & Jeezy, Trap Lords
Episode 4 - Trouble with the ATL Twins

"All Businesses Will Someday Die"

"One of the more interesting concepts Jeff Bezos briefly explored was the acceptance of the idea that all businesses will someday die. Eventually, they will become unnecessary, irrelevant, or inefficient if they don’t build a model around the inevitability of the future changing everything. The drone delivery marketing push was a well-executed viral project and opened a discussion about the future of consumer norms. Drones will inevitably play a role in the delivery of mass-market consumer goods, and Amazon will forever be credited as the disruptive imagineer that challenged the inefficient shipping industry. It can do this because technology companies are the only brands with global ambition that consumers will allow to be disruptive."

Grantland - "Jeff Bezos’s Drone War: Analyzing Amazon’s Airborne Disruption Plan" 
By Carles

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Eating Food with Eddie Huang

New York Times - "Eddie Huang Against the World"
The New Yorker - "Eddie Huang's Hoop Dreams"

Belichick's Jordan Game Winner

"He’s not like any other coach. Of anyone — seriously, of anyone — he’s the one guy who would stand there and say, “You know what? I think Pete Carroll might screw this up. I’m not doing anything even if I don’t have the best hand. I’m gonna let him raise the pot. CHECK.” The rest was history. Whenever you’re arguing about the greatest NFL coaches of all time, just remember the final minute of Super Bowl XLIX. The man finally gave us his version of Jordan’s game winner in the ’98 Finals. And like everything else that happened with the great Bill Belichick over the years, nobody totally believed him."

Grantland - "Bill Simmons Retro Running Diary: Super Bowl XLIX"

Jimmy Fallon's Days at Bayside High