Monday, December 31, 2012

"1927 Paramount Studios map suggesting what Southern Calif areas could pass as other locations"

Source: @AnnapurnaPics. (Megan Ellison - daughter of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and financier of Lawless, The Master, Killing Them Softly and Zero Dark Thirty)

NCAA in 2013?

The Atlantic - "Some Things Will Almost Certainly Happen in Sports in 2013"

"The NCAA will spend lots of time in court

Tyler's Branch's cover story for The Atlantic last year was a watershed, bringing a flood of calls for change to the lie of amateurism. In 2013, the NCAA will see those waters rise. Especially in California, where a lawsuit against the organization is moving along nicely. The suit has 15 named plaintiffs including former college basketball stars Ed O'Bannon and Bill Russell, alleging that their names, images, and likenesses were illegally used by the NCAA. Newly opened court documents showed that the NCAA knew video-game manufacturer Electronic Arts made products with characters matching "as closely as possible the real-life characteristics" of players. The players, of course, get no cash for it. Just as they get no money from all the replicas of their jerseys sold, or the trading cards with their pictures on it, let alone the ticket sales and TV revenue. That's because the NCAA makes all student-athletes sign forms relinquishing any rights to compensation for their name or likeness. In perpetuity. The lawsuit alleges doing so is a violation of anti-trust. If the courts agree, the NCAA's house of cards could come down. The much-discussed ascendency of the super-conference will finally be at hand."

Nick Bilton's Case Against Airlines

New York Times - "F.A.A. Rules Make Electronic Devices on Planes Hazardous"

"[F.A.A.] has no proof that electronic devices can harm a plane’s avionics, but it still perpetuates such claims, spreading irrational fear among millions of fliers.

A year ago, when I first asked Les Dorr, a spokesman for the F.A.A., why the rule existed, he said the agency was being cautious because there was no proof that device use was completely safe. He also said it was because passengers needed to pay attention during takeoff.

When I asked why I can read a printed book but not a digital one, the agency changed its reasoning. I was told by another F.A.A. representative that it was because an iPad or Kindle could put out enough electromagnetic emissions to disrupt the flight. Yet a few weeks later, the F.A.A. proudly announced that pilots could now use iPads in the cockpit instead of paper flight manuals.

The F.A.A. then told me that “two iPads are very different than 200.” But experts at EMT Labs, an independent testing facility in Mountain View, Calif., say there is no difference in radio output between two iPads and 200. “Electromagnetic energy doesn’t add up like that,” said Kevin Bothmann, the EMT Labs testing manager."

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kanye West's Atlantic City Performance Masks

Pitchfork - "Watch: Kanye West Performs Wearing Insane Masks in Atlantic City"
NME - "Kanye West's 'Cruel Winter' confirmed by Big Sean"

Google Zeitgeist 2012

2012 Top 10 Most Searched in the U.S. 

1. Whitney Houston
2. Hurricane Sandy
3. Election 2012
4. Hunger Games
5. Jeremy Lin
6. Olympics 2012
7. Amanda Todd
8. Gangnam Style
9. Michael Clarke Duncan
10. KONY 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fast Company's Lessons for 2013

From the magazine's December/January issue.

"Don't be afraid to take risks that other people are going to call you out on. It's better to elicit passion than a lukewarm response."

- Randi Zuckerberg, CEO, Zuckerberg Media

"No matter how good your business is today, some young entrepreneur is working hard to disrupt it. Next year, I'll spend more time soaking up inspiration anywhere I can find it."

- Susan Lyne, Chairman, Gilt Groupe

"You can't fool the public. Content has to be really good, if not exceptional."

- Thomas Tull, CEO, Legendary Entertainment

"I've stopped believing in coincidence. You can manifest all types of luck depending on your outlook and actions."

- Raina Kumra, CEO, Juggernaut

"Goals are important. But it's the "aha" moments, the highs and lows, and people coming together on the way to the goals that have taught me the most."

- Fiona Morrisson, former Brand and Advertising Director, JetBlue

"Innovation is often the result of random conversations - collisions - where ideas outside your industry are applied to your own."

- Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos

"More than 70% of our active users are outside the U.S., and over 60% of them are using Twitter on their mobile devices. We'll continue to work at reaching every person on the planet."

- Katie Stanton, VP of International Market Development, Twitter

"Great people are attracted to great visions. It's important to have a sense of what might be possible, but not to be dogmatic about the way something must be done."

- Sal Khan, Founder, Khan Academy

"Real social progress isn't achieved through plans or predictions. It's achieved by keeping our systems open to new ideas and opinions."

- Alex Bogusky, Partner, Fearless Cottage and Made Movement

"Focus your career around the thing you're good at and not necessarily the thing you're trying to get better at."

- David Tisch, Managing Partner, Box Group

The Writing and Education of Quentin Tarantino

New York Times - "How Quentin Tarantino Concocted a Genre of His Own"

The Django Unchained screenplay.

Q. I’m told that your scripts are really written. They’re more like novels than screenplays.

A. Yeah, they are.

Q. Since you’re the director, you don’t need to spell all this stuff out for yourself, do you?

A. I have a writer’s journey going on and a filmmaker’s journey going on, and obviously they’re symbiotic, but they also are separate. When I write my scripts it’s not really about the movie per se, it is about the page. It’s supposed to be literature. I write stuff that’s never going to make it in the movie and stuff that I know wouldn’t even be right for the movie, but I’ll put it in the screenplay. We’ll decide later do we shoot it, do we not shoot it, whatever, but it’s important for the written work.

When I finish the script I want the script to be so good that I’m tempted to stop, I’m tempted not to make the movie, because if I just stop right now, I’m the winner. Now I do make them, but I want the screenplay to be that much of a document. I rarely look at the script after that other than to just go over the dialogue.

Q. To go back to this education that you gave yourself, if I’m not mistaken you’re not a high-school dropout, you’re a middle-school dropout.

A. True that.

Q. Obviously it worked in many ways, but do you ever regret it? Do you ever think maybe I should have gone to college? Or would that have ruined you?

A. No. The fact that I would quit in middle school just shows how little of the world that I knew. I thought the way it was in middle school would be the way it was going to be forever. I didn’t even realize that college would be different from ninth grade. I just thought it was more school.

Admittedly there’s some braggadocious bragging rights about doing what I did, but I actually think it would have been a fun experience to have gone to college. In a weird way my working at the video store, a minimum-wage job with a bunch of other people working a minimum wage job, all of us around the same age, hanging out together — that’s kind of what you get when you go to college, along with the education.

Christmas Day Outfit and Gift

Kobe in fur.

Ricky Rubio blanket.

Friday, December 21, 2012

NYT - Favorite Book Cover Designs of 2012

New York Times - "Favorite Book Cover Designs of 2012"

Quote of the Day

Dr. Dre "told me all the mistakes I shouldn't make in this business, being a new artist. I'm in a position where a lot of dollars will be thrown my way, and it's up to me to maintain. One of the first things he told me was that anybody "can get a mansion." He said, "You can get it. It's nothing to get. You can get it tomorrow. The best thing to do is maintain it—that's the hardest thing. Keeping it."

- Kendrick Lamar, GQ+A

Pitchfork's Top Music of 2012

Top Songs:
1. Grimes, "Oblivion"
2. Frank Ocean, "Pyramids" 
3. Usher, "Climax"
4. Kendrick Lamar, "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe"
5. Japandroids, "The House That Heaven Built"
6. Bat For Lashes, "Laura"
7. Tame Impala, "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"
8. Beach House, "Myth"
9. Fiona Apple, "Werewolf"
10. Jai Paul, "Jasmine"
11. Frank Ocean, "Thinking Bout You" 
12. Miguel, "Adorn" 
13. Chromatics, "Kill for Love"
14. M.I.A., "Bad Girls" 
15. Andy Stott, "Numb"
16. Solange, "Losing You"
17. Chairlift, "I Belong in Your Arms"
18. Nicki Minaj, "Beez in the Trap" [ft. 2 Chainz]
19. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, "Only in My Dreams"
20. Kendrick Lamar, "Swimming Pools (Drank)"
21. Jessie Ware, "Wildest Moments"

Top Albums:
1. Kendrick Lamar: good kid, m.A.A.d city
2. Frank Ocean: Channel Orange
3. Fiona Apple: The Idler Wheel ...
4. Tame Impala: Lonerism
5. Swans: The Seer
6. Grimes: Visions
7. Beach House: Bloom
8. Chromatics: Kill For Love
9. Death Grips: The Money Store
10. Grizzly Bear: Shields
11. Japandroids: Celebration Rock
12. Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!
13. Killer Mike: R.A.P. Music
14. Andy Stott: Luxury Problems
15. Dirty Projectors: Swing Lo Magellan
16. Burial: Kindred EP
17. Bat for Lashes: The Haunted Man
18. Ty Segall Band/Ty Segall & White Fence: Slaughterhouse/Hair
19. Cloud Nothings: Attack on Memory
20. Jessie Ware: Devotion

The Great Gatsby - Trailer 3

May 10, 2013.

Trip to Belize

Internet famous Madbury Club captured their trip to Belize.

The Parity of the NFL

As of Week 10 (early November) "each [NFL] team has a victory over the team next to it, going clockwise, until it circles back."

Thursday, December 13, 2012

All Day Adrian Peterson

Grantland - "The Passion of Adrian Peterson, or, a Purple Pilgrim's Progress"
by Steve Marsh

"Peterson's DNA carried his parents' dreams with it, both fulfilled and otherwise. AP's mother was a three-time Texas All State Sprinter at Westwood High School in Palestine before matriculating as a scholarship sprinter and long jumper at the University of Houston. Nelson was a McDonald's All American out of high school before attending Idaho State. Nelson was granted a tryout with the Philadelphia 76ers, but back at home in Houston before training camp, his brother fumbled with a gun he was cleaning and shot Nelson in the thigh. He would never play basketball again."

"AP's progress was more than steady. He went in for surgery a week early because of a remarkable lack of swelling; because he didn't lose much muscle mass, he was jogging at six weeks on the Vikings' underwater treadmill, sprinting at eight weeks, and running on dry land at 10 weeks. Sugarman started agility rehab at about 15 weeks. But it was five months in when he started having breakthroughs.

"We were in the indoor facility and we were rehabbing on the side. He was doing some running. And the team was doing our first offseason program, and they were doing some half-gassers, where they run across the field and back. And he looked at me and said, 'Hey, let me go get two of these with these guys.' And I said, 'Adrian, no, no way.' Because I knew with competition he was going to run harder and faster. And he said, 'Listen, I'm not going to hurt myself. Just let me go get two of these with these guys.' And I said, 'Go ahead, but I'm watching.' And he went over and he blew them away. And everyone looked at each other like, You've gotta be kidding me. How is this possible? And he looked over at me and said, 'Maybe that will give them a little motivation.'""

"Maybe the NFL has evolved into such a quarterback's league, such a finesse game, that AP's DNA had to find another avenue to impress us. Or maybe his recovery from this injury actually has improved him. Maybe he really is, as his coach says, better than ever (he seems more patient, more willing to use his fullback's help, for instance, while retaining his relentless whirling-dervish-ness). It's not even a year since he tore his ligament, and with 1,600 yards, Peterson is leading the NFL in rushing by more than 300 over the next guy, Marshawn Lynch. In fact, he has a chance to join the small fraternity of 2,000-yard rushers, even a slight chance at breaking Eric Dickerson's all-time single-season rushing record of 2,105."

Deer Hunting

The Atlantic - "The Deer Paradox"

"After decades of decline, fewer than 14 million Americans are active hunters today. In 1991, about 1 in 13 adults hunted; today, just 1 in 18 do. Hunters are also getting older: their average age is about 46 and keeps inching up. Like the deer, they have spread far beyond their traditional habitat. More than half of hunting-license holders now live in suburbs and cities, where they face a new challenge: gaining access to hunting land.

But these difficulties notwithstanding, the actual business of hunting is booming, and it is increasingly dominated by a few big chain stores. One of the largest of the mega-outfitters, Cabela’s, saw its annual sales grow from $500 million in the late 1990s to $2.8 billion today."

Friday, December 7, 2012

Art Basel 2012

Art Basel is going on this weekend in Miami Beach. The above photo of P Diddy looking at Jean Michel Basquiat is from the New York Times.

All photos below are credit to The World's Best Ever.

To see work from last year's Miami Beach Art Basel click here.