Tuesday, September 28, 2010

True Grit


Daft Punk Tron Soundtrack 11/22/10

Daft Punk Tron Soundtrack set to be released November 22, 2010. (Movie December 17, 2010)

Recorded with "a symphony of one hundred world class musicians in London."

"this thing sounds super epic" - Pitchfork

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Social Network Coming Out Friday

The film is receiving nearly unanimous praise.

"This is the first film I've seen so far in 2010 that deserves my highest rating, 4 stars. It's better than the movie of the year. The Social Network also defines the decade"
-Peter Travers (Rolling Stone)

"Quite possibly the first truly great fact-based movie of the 21st century."
-New York Post

The Social Network's screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (A Few Good Men, The West Wing) was featured in October's W Magazine.

"When the film’s director, David Fincher, read the opening scene, he was struck by its larger resonance. “It was like Citizen Kane meets John Hughes,” Fincher told me.

New Kanye + Lil Wayne

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

U.S. Cities by race and ethnicity

New York City
Los Angeles
Washington, D.C.
Twin Cities

"I was astounded by Bill Rankin's map of Chicago's racial and ethnic divides and wanted to see what other cities looked like mapped the same way. To match his map, Red is ____, Blue is ____, Green is ____, Orange is ______, Gray is Other, and each dot is 25 people. Data from Census 2000."

Can you guess the colors?

Jay-Z "Most Kingz" + Book

Jay-Z is releasing his first book, Decoded Tuesday November 16, 2010.

Featuring an image of Andy Warhol’s Rorschach on the cover, the beautifully designed, fully-illustrated book decodes 36 songs from JAY-Z’s extensive catalog. By telling the stories behind some of Jay-Z’s most famous and provocative lyrics, Decoded offers an intimate, first-hand account of an artist, his work, and the culture that so powerfully shaped him.

Jay-Z says "When I first started working on this book, I told my editor that I wanted it to do three important things. The first was to make the case that hip-hop lyrics—not just my lyrics, but those of every great MC—are poetry if you look at them closely enough. The second was I wanted the book to tell a little bit of the story of my generation, to show the context for the choices we made at a violent and chaotic crossroads in recent history. And the third piece was that I wanted the book to show how hip-hop created a way to take a very specific and powerful experience and turn it into a story that everyone in the world could feel and relate to."

New Banksy

Location - Unknown (TBD)

Banksy - Outdoors (official site)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Artist: Edward Burtynsky - Gulf Oil Spill

Wikipedia: Edward Burtynsky

NBA Jam Rosters

As I have previously posted, EA Sports is bringing back one of sports video games greatest franchises - NBA Jam. (Nintendo Wii - October 5, 2010).

NBA Jam, which featured 2-on-2 basketball, was one of the first real playable basketball arcade games, and was also one of the first sports games to feature NBA-licensed teams and players, and their real digitized likenesses.

A key feature of NBA Jam was the exaggerated nature of the play - players jumped many times above their own height, making slam dunks that defied both human capabilities and the laws of physics. There were no fouls, free throws, or violations except goaltending and 24 second violations. This meant the player was able to freely shove or elbow his opponent out of the way. Additionally, the game had an "on fire" feature, where if one player made three baskets in a row, he would become "on fire" and have unlimited turbo, no goaltending, and increased shooting ability, until the other team scored (or the player had scored four consecutive baskets while "on fire").
Atlanta Hawks
Players: Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and Mike Bibby
Legends: Dominique Wilkins and Spud Webb

Boston Celtics
Players: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen
Legends: Larry Bird and Kevin McHale

Charlotte Bobcats
Players: Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson and Tyrus Thomas

Chicago Bulls
Players: Derrick Rose, Luol Deng, Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer
Legends: Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman

Cleveland Cavaliers
Players: Mo Williams, Antawn Jamison and Anderson Verjao
Legends: Mark Price anad Brad Daugherty

Dallas Mavericks
Players: Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd and Caron Butler

Denver Nuggets
Players: Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups and Kenyon Martin

Detroit Pistons
Players: Richard Hamilton, Rodney Stuckey, Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon
Legends: Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer

Golden State Warriors
Players: Monta Ellis, David Lee, Stephen Curry and Andris Biedrins
Legends: Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin

Houston Rockets
Players: Kevin Martin, Yao Ming and Trevor Ariza
Legends: Hakeem Olajuwon and Kenny Smith

Indiana Pacers
Players: Danny, Granger, Mike Dunleavy and T.J. Ford
Legend: Detlef Schrempf

Los Angeles Clippers
Players: Baron Davis, Blake Griffin and Chris Kaman
Legend: Danny Manning

Los Angeles Lakers
Players: Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest and Lamar Odom
Legends: Magic Johnson and James Worthy

Memphis Grizzlies
Players: O.J. Mayo, Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay
Legends: Bryant Reeves

Miami Heat
Players: Dwyane Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosh
Legends: Glen Rice and ROny Seikaly

Milwaukee Bucks
Players: Michael Redd, Andrew Bogut, Brandon Jennings and Corey Maggette

Minnesota Timberwolves
Players: Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, Jonny Flynn and Michael Beasley
Legend: Chuck Person

New Jersey Nets
Players: Devin Harris, Brook Lopez and Courtney Lee
Legends: Kenny Anderson and Drazen Perovic

New Orleans Hornets
Players: Chris Paul, David West and Peja Stojakovic
Legend: Larry Johnson

New York Knicks
Players: Al Harrington, Danilo Gallinari and Amare Stoudemire
Legends: Patrick Ewing and John Starks

Oklahoma City Thunder
Players: Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook

Orlando Magic
Players: Dwight Howard, Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis
Legends: Nick Anderson and Scott Skiles

Philadelphia 76ers
Players: Andre Iguodala, Elton Brand and Evan Turner
Legends: Julius Erving and Allen Iverson

Phoenix Suns
Players: Steve Nash, Grant Hill and Jason Richardson
Legends: Dan Majerle and Kevin Johnson

Portland Trail Blazers
Players: Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden
Legend: Clyde Drexler

Sacramento Kings
Players: Tyreke Evans, Carl Landry, Jason Thompson and DeMarcus Cousins
Legend: Mitch Richmond

San Antonio Spurs
Players: Tim Duncan, Tony Parer and Manu Ginobili
Legends: David Robinson and George Gervin

Toronto Raptors
Players: DeMar DeRozan, Jarrett Jack and Andrea Bargnani

Utah Jazz
Players: Deron Williams, Andrei Kirlienko and Mehmet Okur
Legends: Karl Malone and John Stockton

Washington Wizards
Players: Yi Jianlian, Andray Blatche, Gilbert Arenas and John Wall

More info on inclusions, exclusions, legends @ ESPN.com:

Blacklight Tattoos

Nah Right: Lil Wayne Has Black Light Tattoos

Wikipedia: UV Tattoo

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Denard "Shoelace" Robinson

"Robinson acquired the nickname "Shoelace" because he plays football with his shoelaces untied."

"Michigan's Denard Robinson jumps to the front of the Heisman race with a historic performance"

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- If Denard Robinson's performance last week was a jaw dropper, what he did against Notre Dame on Saturday topped it.

He broke off the longest run in the history of the Irish's fabled stadium -- an 87-yarder for a TD.

That's just for starters. How about a school-record 502 yards total offense for a QB, including 258 yards rushing on 28 carries and 244 more passing?

And oh, yeah, he directed the game-winning TD drive, scoring himself from 2 yards out with 27 seconds left to send Michigan (2-0) to a pulsating 28-24 victory.

No wonder Wolverines coach Rich Rodriguez said the spectacular new star of his spread offense might sleep on the trip back to Ann Arbor. He deserves some rest.

"Man, I didn't even know that," Robinson said of his record-breaking day -- the second week in a row he snapped single-game Michigan quarterback marks for total offense and rushing.

"Our offense came together," he said. "The offensive line blocked, the receivers catching, everything was clicking. ... I'm a team player and I don't look at stats."

Fantasy Football Season 2011

Starts today.

"I don't play fantasy football. I play for real football."
-Ray Lewis

If you happen to be watching this Sunday or any Sunday this season make sure to cheer for Philip Rivers, Ricky Williams, Ryan Grant, Randy Moss, Braylon Edwards, Mike Sims-Walker, Dallas Clark, Reggie Bush and Nate Kaeding unless of course any of them are playing the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota Vikings are always the team to root for.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ole Miss' New Mascot - Admiral Ackbar

Amazing second week of college football match-ups (today Sept. 11, 2010):


South Dakota @ Minnesota 12:00 p.m. BIG10
Georgia (22) @ South Carolina (24) 12:00 p.m. ESPN2
Michigan @ Notre Dame 3:30 p.m. NBC
Miami FL (12) @ Ohio State (2) 3:30 p.m. ESPN
Florida State (17) @ Oklahoma (10) 3:30 p.m. ABC
Penn State (18) @ Alabama (1) 7:00 p.m. ESPN

Bon Iver "Woods"

Bon Iver is a band founded in 2007 by indie folk singer-songwriter Justin Vernon (Eau Claire, Wisconsin). The name, Bon Iver, is a play on the French phrase "bon hiver", meaning good winter, and pronounced 'bon-eevair.'

Boardwalk Empire $5 Million Set

Click here to watch a time lapse video of the $5 million construction of the set of Boardwalk Empire in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (my new home). The set was created to replicate 1920's Atlantic City.

Click here to read The New York Times profile of HBO's Boardwalk Empire set to premiere a week from Sunday, September 19, 2010. (written by Terrence Winter (of Soprano's fame), produced and pilot directed by Martin Scorsese)
“I’ve always loved the way people talked in the ’20s, and the clothes, the cars,” Winter went on. “It was such a transitional period. The world was changing so much. And in some ways it was a very modern time. This was almost a hundred years ago, but they had airplanes, telephones, people went to the movies all the time.”

G.O.O.D. Music - G.O.O.D. Friday

Kanye West (feat. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson) - "G.O.O.D. Friday"

First G.O.O.D. music song featuring Pusha T of the Clipse.

"G.O.O.D. Fridays, I hope you have a nice weekend"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

'Bed Intruder' song takes family out of projects

Above, the original local news story.
Below, the song now available on iTunes.
Huntsville, AL

"Antoine Dodson's angry, head-shaking TV interview about an attempted rape against his younger sister in her bed has turned into a chart-topping iTunes song and YouTube hit and made the 24-year-old Alabama college student an Internet sensation.

"So y'all need to hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband, 'cause they raping everybody out here," the song's catchy refrain goes.

Dodson plans to use the money from the "Bed Intruder Song" selling for $1.29 a download and T-shirt sales to move his family out of the Lincoln Park housing project where they say the attack happened. But in an era when a viral video clip can rocket anyone to stardom, some suggest that Dodson and his family are being used and that his online rant plays to racial stereotypes."

Kanye West "Devil In a New Dress"

Kanye West - "Devil In a New Dress"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Derek Fisher Interviews Kobe Bryant

Kobe on Lebron going to Miami, Shaq going to the Celtics

Related - Michael Jordan is asked who the best player is in the NBA.