Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Stars – They're Just Like Us!

Wall Street Journal – "8 Mundane Things That Made ‘Stranger Things’ Possible"

"1. Google Docs

Matt Duffer (far left): The most important part of our writing process is outlining the script. Our desks are more or less next to each other. We put on our headphones and go into Google Docs on our iMacs and work on the story simultaneously, often without speaking. It’s creepy when other people witness it. If Ross writes something I don’t like, I’ll delete it. If he writes it back in, I’ll delete it again. Then we take off the headphones and have a conversation about it. Conversation is a polite word. Now, even when we’re working with our other writers, we force them onto Google Docs and do the same thing. It’s like trying to create a hive-mind."

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – "Eulogy" for Stranger Things 2

André 2017

GQ Style – "Earth to André 3000: The OutKast Icon Talks Life After “Hey Ya!”"

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Boeing 747 ... “the powerful symbol of global civilization”

New York Times – "As the 747 Begins Its Final Approach, a Pilot Takes a Flight Down Memory Lane"
New York Times – "Early Days on the 747: Power, Style and Size"

"Yet on a planet that previously only the richest could cross at will, the 747’s most lasting impact may have been on everyday notions of distance and difference. Having inaugurated the “age of mass intercontinental travel,” wrote the scholar Vaclav Smil, the 747 “became a powerful symbol of global civilization.” The writer J.G. Ballard compared the jet to nothing less than the Parthenon — each the embodiment of “an entire geopolitical world-view.” Juan Trippe, Pan Am’s legendary founder, called the 747 “a great weapon for peace, competing with intercontinental missiles for mankind’s destiny.”

... British architect Norman Foster once named the aircraft his favorite building of the 20th century. Now, well into the 21st century, I asked Mr. Foster for an update. The 747 “still moves me now as it did then,” he told me in an email. “Perhaps with the passage of time, and in an age of ‘look-alikes,’ even more so.”"

The TWA Flight Center at John F. Kennedy Airport

Architectural Digest – "The TWA Hotel in Eero Saarinen's JFK Airport Terminal Will Transport You Right Back to 1962"

1960's Conversation Pits

U.S. Soccer

New York Times – "The Real Failure of U.S. Men’s Soccer"
By Brian Phillips

"The kind of progress Gulati seems to value most is corporate, institutional, political. He cares about sponsorships, shoring up organizational foundations. He has done wonders for the United States federation’s standing within soccer’s international body, FIFA. He’s had less success improving quality of play, both at the top of the game and at the youth level, where American men’s teams have missed consecutive Olympics under his watch.


It’s time for a change. Arena resigned on Friday. Gulati is up for re-election in February. He needs to go as well. The next thing I want to see from United States soccer is a jackhammer, not a news conference. The Gulati regime at the federation has committed one of the most bizarre tactical errors in sports management. It has created a large, passionate audience and given it nothing to watch."

Fictional Jerseys

SB Nation – "8 times Fabolous had the jerseys we wish were real"