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High-Low of LA Restaurant 'Chain'


"The chef Tim Hollingsworth made it for what he called “Pizza Haute,” one of the meticulous themed dinners he cooks at Chain in Los Angeles, a regular pop-up that considers American fast food with an almost scholarly attention, exalting the genre with rigorous cooking and presentation.

Chain doesn’t specialize in the forensic trompe l’oeils of fine dining — those baroque lemon-flavored desserts made to look like real lemons until you cut into them, revealing layers of cream and cake. No, this is pizza disguised as, well, also pizza.

It’s a different kind of illusion: a restaurant that isn’t really a restaurant, selling fast food that isn’t really fast food? And it sent me — a person who isn’t really a person? — into a spiral. Was Chain celebratory and nostalgic or cynical and manipulative? Was it a marketing stunt, a performance piece or a loving rewrite of our culinary vernacular? Was it an indulgent dip into the past or a glimpse into the future?


uth De Jong, a production designer who recently worked on “Nope” and “Oppenheimer,” helped devise the look, jumbling together a vintage Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders vibe with ’90s arcade and video games and slick original design: curvy green lettering and red banquettes, elaborate plastic menus and self-referential poster ads. The effect is both jarring and sumptuous — a fast-food multiverse that seems to have always existed.

Hollywood Script Doctor Scott Frank

Lana Del Rey - "Baby I'm a Gangster, Too"

Khruangbin (pronounced krung-bin)—"Thai for “engine fly” or, less literally, “airplane”"


New York Times - "How Khruangbin’s Sound Became the New Mood Music"

Larry David — Fashion Critic


New York Times - "Is Larry David the Most Unsung Fashion Critic of Our Time?"

"Often, he invokes fashion during awkward or painful situations. In an early episode, when a grieving widow shows him a treasured photo of her husband, Mr. David zeros in on the dead man’s attire. “I love this shirt,” he tells the widow. “Do you have any idea where he got it?” he asks, a query that attests less to his acquisitive nature than to his own unease.

On “Curb,” Mr. David reserves some of his sharpest zingers for people who are trying too hard. In a midseries episode, his housemate Leon (J.B. Smoove), doing his best impersonation of an accountant, wears a suit with a bow tie and spectacles. “What’s with this suit?” Mr. David asks. “You look like Farrakhan.”"

2024 Euro Kits


 - "Euro 2024 kits: England, France, Scotland & what every team is wearing at the European Championship in Germany"

Sky Sports - "Euro 2024 kits revealed: Home and away shirts for England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Belgium and more"

How WhatsApp Became the World's Default Communications App


Engadget - "How WhatsApp became the world’s default communication app"

By Pranav Dixit