Saturday, February 24, 2024

The Oligarch's Son—A London Story


New Yorker - "A Teen’s Fatal Plunge Into the London Underworld"
By Patrick Radden Keefe"

Why isn't there an Oscar for Stunt Choreography


Variety - "Oscar Stunt Category Being Discussed in the Academy, ‘John Wick’ Director Says Talks Are ‘Incredibly Positive’: ‘We’ve Made Real Movement Forward’"

Vanity Fair - "John Wick Mastermind Says a Stunt Work Oscar Is Coming Soon"

The Wrap - "Oscars for Stunts? Filmmakers and Insiders Say It’s Overdue"

AI Startup (Perplexity AI) Gunning for Search


New York Times - "Can This A.I.-Powered Search Engine Replace Google? It Has for Me."

NYT Hard Fork Podcast - "The State of A.I., and Will Perplexity Beat Google or Destory the Web?"

Future Star Anthony Edwards


Vanity Fair - "Is Anthony Edwards the Next Face of the NBA?"

By Tom Kludt

Rise of Women's Sports


NY Mag - "Women’s Sports Are About to Explode"
By Will Leitch

"But this is still America, and the real way movements break through is by making money. That’s where television comes in. As sports becomes even more essential to a media industry desperate for something people will watch live, women’s sports is a growth market. The WNBA just signed a record rights deal with ESPN and Ion Television; last year’s NCAA tournament was up a full 103 percent on 2022; the Women’s World Cup Final in 2015 was, until last year’s Men’s World Cup Final, the most-watched soccer match in United States history. And of course last year also featured the Nebraska women’s volleyball game, held in the school’s football stadium, which drew 92,003 fans, breaking the (unofficial) record for the most people ever to watch a women’s sporting event in person. Watching the highlights of that event is legitimately moving, and signify what might still be possible down the road."

Does boxing still matter?


The Spectator - "Does boxing still matter?"

"Quick — can you name boxing’s heavy-weight champion?"

Taco Bell Went on Stage to Show Menu Innovation