Saturday, September 11, 2010

Boardwalk Empire $5 Million Set

Click here to watch a time lapse video of the $5 million construction of the set of Boardwalk Empire in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (my new home). The set was created to replicate 1920's Atlantic City.

Click here to read The New York Times profile of HBO's Boardwalk Empire set to premiere a week from Sunday, September 19, 2010. (written by Terrence Winter (of Soprano's fame), produced and pilot directed by Martin Scorsese)
“I’ve always loved the way people talked in the ’20s, and the clothes, the cars,” Winter went on. “It was such a transitional period. The world was changing so much. And in some ways it was a very modern time. This was almost a hundred years ago, but they had airplanes, telephones, people went to the movies all the time.”

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