Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Creative Genius Spike Jonze (Where the Wild Things Are, Adaptation, Being John Malkovich, former husband of Sofia Coppola and director of every cool music video you can think of) has directed a 10 to 15 minute short film inspired by Kanye West song See You In My Nightmares.

Kanye and Spike previously collaborated for the music video of Flashing Lights.

MTV breaksdown the short film which will be released on iTunes on September 8th.

"In the film 'Ye plays a drunk, belligerent and boastful version of himself at a club, where he keeps informing fellow clubgoers that the song playing over the speakers is his. He then wanders into an adjacent room, starts having sex with a woman and passes out on her, only to come to in a VIP room where he is getting amorous with a pillow. He's so disturbed by the scene that he runs to the bathroom and vomits rose petals, cuts his belly open with a bowie knife, which produces more rose petals, and then rips out a little furry demon that is living in his guts, who then is handed his own miniature bowie knife so he can commit suicide.

The movie will feature a remixed version of "Nightmares" worked over by N.A.S.A, which features Jonze's brother, known as Squeak E. Clean (a.k.a. Sam Spiegel). The Swarm described the film, written by Jonze, as walking the "fine line between aggrandizement and self-mockery that runs through all of Kanye's endeavors." The cinematography and sound design is reportedly such that it "authentically renders that feeling of being really disoriented in a nightclub.""

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Alexander said...

love spike jonz, strongly dislike kanye. this could get interesting