Monday, September 28, 2009

The Clipse - "Grindin'"

"To this day there are thousands of people who don't know what "Grindin'" is about, despite the fact that it is one of the most explicitly told songs ever. Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo in their prime had that effect. After all their misguided evolutions, it's hard to describe the Neptunes in their prime. Adventurous but ruthlessly commercial; rap purists that broke every rule; futurists with a healthy sense of nostalgia. Together the two duos made a jarring, indelible sound. Just don't call it coke rap."
-Sean Fennessey

Pitchfork Media - #27 Song of the Decade
Clipse - "Grindin'"

Pitchfork Media - #155 Album of the Decade
Clipse - Lord Willin' (2002)

I remember exactly where I was when I got this CD. Virgin Megastar in Boston, Massacusetts. Fall of freshman year. I went home from that trip with Clipse - "Lord Willin'", Nelly - "Nellyville", Styles P "A Gangster and A Gentleman", and a pair of high-top white Air Force 1's.


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r.eamonn.s said...

My favorite virgin megastore memory is coppin the black album by hov and weezer's green album in times square. Now they're all gone. Clipse is sick and this is a great song.