Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Bill Simmons' website

ESPN's Sports Guy Bill Simmons is working with ESPN to create a non-ESPN branded website dedicated to 70% sports, 30% pop culture.

Word has it that author Chuck Klosterman and New York Magazine's Lane Brown will both be involved.

We can expect the site to debut "later this spring."

Info from the press release below.

Bill Simmons’ new site will be entertaining, well-written, funny and provocative. Its development is driven by Bill’s vision to provide fans a place to spend time, read, and think.
  • The graphic style of the site, designed by renowned magazine designer Walter Bernard, will be simple and elegant, in order to set it apart from the daily rush of sports news.
  • The site will host Bill’s columns and podcasts, but unlike Page 2, it will not be based on the sports events of the day or the current sports calendar.
  • In addition to Bill’s works, the site will include columns and essays about sports and pop culture from leading journalists.
  • Bill is building a team of lesser-known, talented young writers and editors to capture new voices and commentary on sports and pop culture.
  • We anticipate some edgy topics and writing, but such content will remain the exception.
  • About 70 percent sports, 30 percent pop culture, with less video than other ESPN sites.
  • Bill sees the site functioning with limited fan interaction, including a selection of about 300 fans with exclusive access to comment on the site and interact with contributors.

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