Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Macallan 50 Years Old

In Skyfall, Bond drinks the product-placed Macallan 50 Years Old scotch given by Javier Bardem's character Silva/Tiago Rodriguez.

Here's Whisky Bible expert Jim Murray's take on Macallan's 50 year vintage:


nose 25/25.
"we all have pictures in our minds of the perfect grandmother: perhaps grey-haired and knitting in her rocking-chair. Or grandfather: kindly, gentle, quietly wise, pottering about in the shed with some gadget he has just made for you. This, then, is the cliched nose of the-perfect-50-year-old malt: time-defying intensity and clarity; attractive demerara (rum and sugar!) sweetened coffee, a tantalizing glimpse at something smoky and sensationally rich grape and old fruit cake. So the sweetness and dryness don't cancel each other out, but complement each other and between them tell a thousand tales. Basically, there's not much missing here... and absolutely all you could wish to find in such an ancient Speysider...;"

taste 23/25.
"dry delivery with the oak making the early running. But slowly the grape and grain fights back to gain more than just a foot-hold; again telling wisps of smoke appear to lay down a sound base and some oily barely."

finish 19/25.
"now the oak has taken over. There is a burnt-toast and burnt raisin bitterness, lessened in effect marginally by a sweeter vanilla add-on."

balance and overall complexity 23/25.
"loses it at the end, which is entirely excusable. But until then it has been one fabulous experience full of passion and complexity. I nosed and tasted this for over an hour. It was one very rewarding, almost touching, experience."

Macallan's 30 year old Sherry Oak sells for $1,200 in Minneapolis. I can only imagine how much the 50 year old costs...

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