Saturday, January 25, 2014

Spike Jonze's Reddit AMA

Reddit - "Long time lurker, first time commenter. Spike Jonze here, ask me anything."

"D.A.F.T. was a collection of music videos from their first album, and I directed the first video from that album, and it was "Da Funk." And it was amazing because when I met them, they were probably 22 years old, they made the album in their bedroom (their first album was "Homework"), and they just were so fully formed and knew who they were. They knew they didn't want to sign a major label deal that gave away all their rights to a major corporation. They have always kept control and the rights to everything they've ever done, and followed just what interested them. They are very genuine and sweet men, and obviously musical geniuses."

"Someone asked and deleted their comment "If you had a portal into someone else's head ala Being John Malkovich, whose head would you choose and why? ..." I am curious what it would be like inside George W. Bush's head. I find him kind of sweet and sad. Have you seen his paintings? 15 minutes would probably be enough though."

"The mustache and the name Theodore and the pants came from the idea that oftentimes fashion and naming children and style goes in cycles, and having elements from the 1920's come back in style seemed like an interesting way to create the future. And Theodore and his mustache came from Theodore Roosevelt. Sarah Vowell loves Theodore Roosevelt and talks about him a lot."

"*Lastly, what are some of your favourite animated movies?"
"The first one I thought of was WALL-E. Who Framed Roger Rabbit, probably most of Pixar's stuff, Pixar's an amazing company, where creative really comes first. It's really unique to see a company that big whose decisions are driven so creatively."

"I'm not sure when I will do any more acting but thank you. And yes, definitely, I learned from Scorsese even though I was only there for a day. The way he shot was he had a plan for the day but then was willing to throw it all out and move very effortlessly. That movie has such a balls-out energy and the way they got there was that exact process of how they made it, which was incredibly loose and incredibly confidently improvisational as a director. I think I would be too nervous on any movie to be making decisions that big in the moment. Very inspiring."

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