Saturday, January 17, 2015

Filming with Richard Linklater

New Yorker - "Moment To Moment"

"“My two historical films, ‘Me and Orson Welles’ and ‘The Newton Boys,’ I think they both have this in-the-moment feel that kind of throws you,” he says. “That’s kind of Tolstoy’s view of history. Lincoln went from the Gettysburg Address, probably had to go eat dinner, and then some really practical concerns with his family: shit.” His fascination with the glints of magic in this endless rough—the way that the world and the people in it periodically exceed themselves, creating a few seconds of ecstatic here-ness and then fading back into banality—is also his deepest pleasure in the long process of moviemaking.

“One of my favorite moments is when an actor does something incredible that you film—you know you’ve achieved that—and then just to see him wander, after the scene, over to the craft-service table and strike up a conversation,” he says. “Life is just around these heightened moments. You captured something within the world, that is a record, that exists—and you just move on. Like, ‘O.K., we got that. What’s the next shot? Oh, the sun’s going down.’ ”"

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