Sunday, April 19, 2015

The 1990s Orlando Magic

Grantland - "Blue Chips: An oral history of Shaq, Penny, and the Orlando Magic’s lost NBA dynasty."

"Shaq was a true big man. He was a center. He was a 5. Dream was really a 4 playing the 5, and he was a tough matchup. He was smart, highly skilled, and Shaq wasn’t really into his own zone at that time, meaning he wasn’t the Shaq [who] went to L.A. That Shaq was dominant. If he would have met Dream at that time, then Dream would have had problems, but Shaq was still young. Dream was established and in his prime.


Nick Anderson bought a Ferrari in Houston and he can’t even drive a stick. We’re like, “Why are you buying a $150,000 car during the Finals, in Houston of all places?” That kind of relaxing attitude was not good, and Houston saw it and they just drove us. We were never in it.

Donald Royal

I still believe to this day, if we had won Game 1, we would have won the series.

Brian Hill

It was unfortunate that I left. I think if we would’ve stayed together, we would’ve at least got one. I don’t know about winning three in a row like we did in L.A., but I know we would have got one.


My opinion: It would have been more than a couple [championships].

Horace Grant

I don’t think the city or team has recovered from that — even now.

Wayne Monte “Tree” Rollins

I still make my home in Orlando. I just got my hair cut and even my barber was talking about those days. You would think they would be talking about the Dwight Howard days. They went to the championship round also, with the Lakers. But they always talk about those [Shaq and Penny] days. Those were great days.

Wayne Monte “Tree” Rollins"

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