Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Real Notebooks in a Digital World

Longreads - "The Care and Keeping of Notebooks: A Reading List"

New Yorker - "Why Startups Love Moleskins"
By David Sax, June 2015

Powells.Books.Blog - "Notebooks"
By Belle Boggs, September 2016

Catapult - "Blank Books and Letting the Ink Dry"
By Rachel Vorona Coate, September 2016

The New Republic - "Why the Humble Notebook is Flourishing in the iPhone Era"
By Josephine Wolff, June 2016

Fast Company - "16 Famous Designers Show Us Their Favorite Notebooks"
By John Brownlee, February 2016

PEN - "On Keeping a Notebook"
by Joan Didion, 1968

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