Sunday, March 4, 2018

Southwestern Style

New York Times Fashion Magazine – "Cowgirl Meets Aspen Divorcée — on the Runway"

"So why now? For one, bright tiles, fringe and Pendleton blankets are well suited to the Instagram era. It may also be that in a time of techno-overload and environmental uncertainty, designers are drawn to the earthy and elemental. And, of course, Europe has long been fascinated with the mythology of the American West (see classic mid-’60s Spaghetti Westerns). Finally, if there is a look that evokes an idealized American past, while also nodding to our original resistors and outsiders, it’s this. As O’Keeffe said of the jeans she took to wearing while painting in her Abiquiú, N.M., studio: “I rather think they are our only national costumes.”"

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