Saturday, April 15, 2023

Pop Culture Moments from the Pandemic


New York Times - "17 Pop Culture Moments That Define the Covid Era"

1. The Getaway to Schadenfreude Island - "The White Lotus"
2. The Eerily Prescient Novel - Ling Ma's "Severance"
3. The Daily Oasis of Sanity - "Lunch Doodles With Mo Willems"
4. Endless Baking Shows
5. The Soundtrack to a Furious Summer - Pop Smoke's "Dior"
6. The Superstar's Voice in Our Ears - Taylor Swift's "Folklore"
7. The Sitcom That Was Just as Anxious as We Were - "Ted Lasso"
8. TikTok Challenges
9. The Paranoia Safe Space - Among Us
10. The Isolation Aphrodisiac - "Love Is Blind"
11. The Flop That Was Gloriously Reborn - "Tenet"
12. Zillow
13. The Videogame That Twisted Time - "Final Fantasy VII Remake"
14. The Must-Have Uniform for Doing NOthing - Kim Kardashian's Skims
15. The Comedy Special That Made Us Laugh on the Inside - Bo Burnham's "Inside"
16. The Slap
17. The Chance to Save the World - Pandemic: The Game

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