Sunday, April 14, 2024

Larry David — Fashion Critic


New York Times - "Is Larry David the Most Unsung Fashion Critic of Our Time?"

"Often, he invokes fashion during awkward or painful situations. In an early episode, when a grieving widow shows him a treasured photo of her husband, Mr. David zeros in on the dead man’s attire. “I love this shirt,” he tells the widow. “Do you have any idea where he got it?” he asks, a query that attests less to his acquisitive nature than to his own unease.

On “Curb,” Mr. David reserves some of his sharpest zingers for people who are trying too hard. In a midseries episode, his housemate Leon (J.B. Smoove), doing his best impersonation of an accountant, wears a suit with a bow tie and spectacles. “What’s with this suit?” Mr. David asks. “You look like Farrakhan.”"

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