Sunday, June 30, 2024

Seattle Lobster Roll

Seattle Times - "Seattle’s most expensive lobster roll: Is it worth the $40 price?"

lobster roll is by nature a New England thing, for that is where the lobsters are — in Maine, mainly, where back in the day the Atlantic was so rife with these crustaceans that they were the opposite of a luxury. So many lobsters! Lobstermen and -women, in particular, probably got sick of eating this largesse. Many a chowder was made. And why not serve it as a sandwich, unpretentiously, on a bun similar to a hot-dog one?

Different preparations have their highly partisan fans. There’s the lobster roll served warm with the meat drizzled in melted butter, generally called Connecticut-style; Maine-style has come to mean either meat mixed with just mayo, or that plus celery and/or chives. Beyond this, you’re venturing into some controversial territory of innovation; there’s talk of places back East serving them flavored with wasabi, chipotle and curry, which must drive lobster-roll sticklers mad.

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