Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Kanye West responds to the internet slander of his clique's recent wardrobe choices out at Paris fashion week. I would never really post some interview like this, but he starts freestylin on this cool beat at the end. Watch it.

No one can really diss me is cause it's so authentic
You can't take away from the real
If I'm telling you exactly the way I feel
Is something that can't be killed
So every time y'all talk I just really need to chill
I come off the top hotter. Hotter what I gotta 
Travel the planet a lot of people 'ont understand it
They mind is boxed in. They locked up
And I got the game knocked up
It's about to drop a baby in about 9 months
I could rhyme or give 'em what whatever you want
With my boy Sway hey my name is 'Ye
And every time I dress in pink they try to say I was gay
And then I wore tight jeans and everybody want to do it
You got to take the game and just move it
Real shit here and I'm prove it
I'm the only one like Nike to Just Do It
Everybody else scared to just be they self
So they dress up in the mirror like somebody else
Ok, I'm the only one that's hard enough
And, not frontin up, and
Button ups was nothing up cause
I shutting up all the motheruckin talkers
Now y'all know I got a lot of girl stalkers
Sipping the Jimmy Walkers

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