Monday, April 12, 2010

Animal Review gives Panda an "F"

NPR recently posted an article and story featuring the blog and newly released book, Animal Review.

"It's exactly what the name implies: reviews of critters, not unlike reviews of cars or new gadgets, complete with letter grades. The ladybug gets an A-. The bald eagle gets a C+."
Click here to read the NPR post that features the grade and short explanation for the panda, octopus, king cobra, great white shark, rhinoceros, alpaca, clam, jellyfish, and North American mountain goat.

Octopus: "A"

"We gave the octopus an A because it would make a great superhero. They're supersmart, they can solve puzzles, they can remember things.

"They can change their bodies, so they can slip through tiny crevices," Lentz adds, "and they shoot ink. There's all sorts of cool stuff with the octopus that doesn't get talked about enough — because we're spending all our time talking about pandas."

How many more episodes of Discovery Life until they feature the octopus?

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ec said...

I wonder if the octopus can solve the Mickey's bottle cap puzzles. Because that would make them smarter than us, and potentially put them at A+ status.