Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hate to bring back bad memories

I'm still bitter.

Q: Did the disallowed handball goal in the Ghana-Uruguay game go down as the most blatant exploitation of rules in sports history? It was like if goaltending was called on the game winning basket of a Game 7 and instead of counting the basket, the rules dictate that somebody has to make a free throw to win the game. Are there other rule loopholes like this?
-- Brad Armstrong, Indianapolis

SG: Only one that I could think of: If a player were running the winning touchdown down the sideline, then someone on the opposing sideline jumped onto the field and tackled him. But in college and pro football, I'm pretty sure that's an automatic touchdown. (This actually happened once: in the 1954 Cotton Bowl.) But that's the parallel. Seems like the easy rule fix would be this: If you commit a goal-line handball in extra time in the World Cup, it's an automatic goal. Given that we can't even get instant replay for the World Cup, though, I'm not holding my breath.
-Bill Simmons, Summer Mega-Mailbag
Uruguay 4(1)-1(2) Ghana

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