Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Wild Animal

Bleacher Report - "Bears Eat Beets: The Minnesota Wild Logo"

"When the Minnesota Wild unveiled their primary logo back in 1998, the context in which sport was perceived would, essentially, change forever. Whether we knew it or not, one man's artistic recreation of a "wild" would be enough to permanently alter the memetic landscape of professional athletics.

If the simplistic nature of the New York Yankees' interlocking letters set the bar for artistic achievement, the Minnesota Wild reinvented the sport of proverbial high jump altogether. It is for this reason that the cultural smorgasbord of Minnesota's organic Nature Bear deserves your respect.

Love it or hate it, the unparalleled appeal of the seemingly acid trip-induced creation is two-fold. The first and most defining characteristic of the infamous logo being it's optically-deceiving double image - representing both a wilderness landscape and an unidentified wild animal - and the second, of course, being the fact that bears are totally bad ass."

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