Friday, January 19, 2024

From South Dakota to Tuscaloosa


Yahoo Sports - "From South Dakota to Tuscaloosa: How Kalen DeBoer became Nick Saban's successor at Alabama"

"DeBoer’s rise isn’t a surprise to those who have known him along the way. “Kalen has the ‘It’ factor, a natural leadership quality that I think the players respect and rally around,” Lennon says. “He can make things happen, he has sincerity, intelligence, he’s very approachable … He’s the type of coach you want to play for.”

For his part, DeBoer traces all his success back to his South Dakota origins. “I think building a team, a championship-level team really goes to the roots of Sioux Falls,” DeBoer told “In Play,” a South Dakota Public Broadcasting podcast, last month. “Love and trust for each other, doing anything for the team first, and then the individual accolades will come.”"

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