Monday, August 11, 2008


Video: "The Americans? We're going to smash them. That's what we came for," France's Anchor and former 100 freestyle world record holder Alain Bernard.

This was one of the most fun swimming races I have ever watched. Eamon Sullivan (50 free wr holder) of Australia led of the AUS 400 free team in a new 100 free world record of 47.24 breaking France's anchor Alain Bernard's world standard of 47.50.

Phelp's who led off the Americans in 47.51 was not too far behind Sullivan and only a hundredth of second behind the previous world standard. American Garrett Weber-Gale a native of Wisconsin and a Texas Longhorn established a lead for the Americans; however on the third leg France's Fred Bousquet (former Auburn swimmer, the first man to break the 19 second barrier in the 50 yard freestyle) tore open the then faster 100 free split ever 46.63 to give France over a half second lead going in to anchor legs.
The last swimmers of the gold medal contending teams: Alain Bernard and Jason Lezak were the big guns. Bernard the previous world record holder, Lezak the previous American world record holder. Bernard with a half a second lead. For the first 50 meters it appeared that there was no way Lezak could make up the ground. But what unfolded was unbelievable. You got to watch the video to understand.
Amazing fact: 5 teams broke the previous world record in the relay (which was set in prelims by the B-American team).

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Kari Sveum said...

WOW USA....I missed the actual telivised race so I am happy you had that link up buddy! How does the world just keep getting faster and faster at swimming? It's not the suits is it?!??!?