Saturday, September 17, 2011

Future Fantasy World

Marcus Troy - "My Conversation With Tinker Hatfield & Tiffany Beers About The Nike MAG"

(Marcus Troy)

Do you remember the original influence for the design of the shoe back then? What were your influences?

(Tinker Hatfield)

It was a unique project because normally, sitting down and collaborating with athletes there’s usually a really strong functional purpose behind all of the design work that we do, as you well know. But, all of a sudden, being asked to design a shoe for a fantasy world, a future fantasy world, it kind of took the shackles off and was kind of fond to think about what could you do if money and time were no object, or technology for that matter. The real inspiration was really more about trying to understand the script, the movie, the character, Marty McFly’s character and then trying to design something that was just unlike any other shoe at the time. What’s been mentioned today and we’ve noticed ourselves is that all these years later, the shoe still has a futuristic look and still seems unique. I guess maybe we were a little bit lucky.

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