Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mr. Robot

"If you visited [Mr. Robot Show Creator Sam Esmail's] dorm room, perhaps you noticed a movie poster or two on his walls: “A Clockwork Orange” or “Taxi Driver” or “American Psycho” or “Fight Club.” (Probably “Fight Club.”)

If you dumped those four movies into a boxy old television, shook it up, and turned it on, the result, if TVs worked like cocktail mixers, would be “Mr. Robot.” This is partly a matter of form: the show skillfully borrows images and sounds from those films and others. But the connection runs deeper."

New Yorker - "Mr. Robot and the Angry Young Man"

"Mr. Robot, USA Network’s audacious foray into prestige TV, swiftly became the best show of the summer through a combination of twisty plots, stellar acting, and feature-film-level cinematography. It’s an idiosyncratic blend of nostalgic references, modern anxieties, and bizarre characters. In short, it’s our favorite new drama..."

Grantland - "‘Mr. Robot’ Precap: Predictions for the Season Finale of This Year’s Craziest New Show"

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