Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Gulf Coast Seafood

Wall Street Journal - "The Only Man in New Orleans Being Forced to Eat"

"It wasn’t long ago that Davis would have found glazed salmon, broccoli florets and sweet potatoes as appetizing as a wad of paper. But he enjoyed this recent meal so much that it inspired him to anoint his personal chef the finest in all of New Orleans. “Hands down,” Davis wrote.

That chef is named Will Jones. He’s from Louisiana and loves crawfish. Which is why he was stunned when Davis said he didn’t eat seafood. This, to him, was heresy. Jones took it upon himself to introduce New Orleans’s basketball star to its cuisine.

He started by serving him locally sourced rainbow trout. Then they moved onto salmon. “And salmon was a big hit,” he said. At that point he felt comfortable experimenting. Davis’s palate has expanded to appreciate oysters, king crab and shrimp—but only after its digestive tract has been de-veined.

“He’s pretty adventurous when it comes to seafood,” Jones said. “But he has a way with how things look.”

Only now is Davis finally embracing the food that makes New Orleans distinct. "

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